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  The Army of the Southwest is a group of Iowa Civil War Reenactors dedicated to educating people of all ages about the Civil War through reenactments, school programs, and historical events. Our 40+ members come from throughout southwest Iowa. The unit consists of Confederate and Union infantry, artillery, and cavalry. In addition we have a strong group of period civilians.

A tribute to a lost friend and founding member of the Army of the Southwest - Major Cedric Ruby

Cedric enjoyed playing various roles at reenactments and was particularly fond of ' Sheriff Dagget' where he seem to be always up for re-election. As a staunch Union officer he was a great mentor of new recruits. In the words of one of our longtime members -"A member of the ASW family has passed. Cedric Ruby was a founding member of the Army of the Southwest, he was our treasurer for years, a Union soldier and the part he played as the Sheriff J Knoble Dagget was my favorite. This Confederate will miss him. I hope there is an old Hen in heaven to cook him a good ole chicken dinner. God speed my friend - John Fitzsimmons, Company B, 9th Kentucky".

Anytime is a good time to refresh those drill habits! Click on Infantry Drill to see our approach. Have a great reenactment season and check our activities/events schedule for 2013 (the tab in left column).

Our group at Knoxville, May 25, 2013 (click on 'about us' tab in left column). Raindrops stopped long enough for a collective group photo. Click on Events/Photos (left column) to see additional photos of this event as well as Marion and New Virginia.

Look here for some outstanding photos of the 3rd IA Lt. Field Artillery in action with night firing.

Click here for Des Moines Register pictures of our members drawing attention to the 150th Civil War anniversary.

Our own John Fitzsimmons, 9th KY Vol Inf, is a great battlefield artist. View a couple of his drawings here or under the Event Photos tab in left column(more to follow).


Note: right heading picture is of "he old flag again on Sumter- raised (on a temporary staff formed of an oar and boathook) by Captain H. M. Bragg, of General Gillmore's staff, February 18th, 1865."— Frank Leslie, 1896.
Left heading picture is of the first confederate flag (March 4 to May 21, 1861) called the Stars and Bars and flown over the dome in Montgomery, Alabama, the Confederate capitol.